Unit 2B: Organisation

A beginning outline for what to consider when organising the event.

Unit 2B: Organisation

While organising the event, it was important to consider potential risks and issues that could occur, especially from a project of this scale.

For example, it is possible that although we reserve a venue for our fashion show, this could fall through due to double booking, or the size of the room is inappropriate for the plan Brooke had laid out. There may also be issues with equipment not being available, or movable to the required location. Depending on where the fashion show will take place, it would be important to consider components such as lighting, sound, and space. If there is not already lighting or a stereo installed, we may need to book or even buy lighting that would coordinate with the 60's theme. Same with sound, a stereo or speakers will be essential for setting the 60's mood. As well as this, we are aware that members of the team may be absent on the day, or drop out from the team altogether if a more manageable solution arises for their chosen art form. 

The project is rather large scale, so beginning organisation early is key. I believe this project will take months to organise, especially since there is so much equipment that requires booking, and the wait on responses and date changes will also take time. To combat this, we will make sure to set a date months from now that will give us a large enough timeframe to obtain all components we need to make this show successful. 

The promotion of the project is my responsibility, and I will incorporate designs from the other roles (such as Ashley's clothes designs and Tino's set design) so the aesthetic of the show is consistent.

An obvious venue choice would be the school's Bernadine Hall. This would be a good venue as it is spacious enough for a catwalk and seating, and has large curtains that would allow the models to change and prepare in privacy. This is a popular venue throughout the school for indoor clubs, and there is a chance that around the time we choose there may be other large scale events that require a few days to set up and take down. Although the gym is smaller, there is an opening at the back that would make for an excellent entrance for models onto the runway. Seating space could be an issue, but we could decrease numbers by charging for the event, or placing a 'first come first serve' attitude to seating. If we charged for the event, we could make it a charity event also. To evaluate our leadership development we will seek constant feedback from those observing our interactions, and those we interact with.


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