It is Done: Batman - The Result of a Tormented Child!

I have used various to recreate an old drawing that I made in 2015.  It has been a challenging process moving away from my comfort zone, but I have gained new skills along the way and look forward to further exploring them.

It is Done: Batman - The Result of a Tormented Child!

Being predominantly greyscale, the picture has a dark and sombre tone.  This is further emphasised by the use of highlights for definition, instead of pencil strokes.  The vacant eyes give Batman a sense of emptiness, which is contrasted by the animalistic features of his cowl and the pure emotion displayed his posture and facial expression.  The subtle smiley face is almost making a mockery of the pain that Batman evidently displays in this picture.

On the other hand, the lightning strike on the right side of the face provides a light source that brightens the rain and reveals a more human side to Batman's face.

I did not have a spare frame with which to stage my final piece so I created one myself.  I ended up preferring it to a store-bought frame, as it ties in with the contrasts and imperfections of personality and emotion that I reflect in my drawing.




  • Luke Taylor

    On 21 March 2018, 10:36 Luke Taylor commented:

    This is really good piece of work Jaya - I really want to see it in full :)

  • Jaya Onunekwu

    On 21 March 2018, 10:49 Jaya Onunekwu commented:

    Thanks a lot, Luke. I have added it to the main text, as it appears to be too big for the preview image.

  • Jaya Onunekwu

    On 21 March 2018, 10:56 Jaya Onunekwu commented:

    Please let me know what you think once you have seen the whole piece.

  • Luke Taylor

    On 21 March 2018, 10:59 Luke Taylor commented:


  • Jaya Onunekwu

    On 21 March 2018, 11:18 Jaya Onunekwu commented:

    Thank you!

  • Ethan Wiltshire

    On 21 March 2018, 18:39 Ethan Wiltshire commented:

    Absolutely amazing piece of artwork here jaya, the picture really does evoke a sombre tone, lovely, clear and precise
    The use of colour really grabs my attention as I glance over the image.

  • Jaya Onunekwu

    On 21 March 2018, 18:45 Jaya Onunekwu commented:

    Thanks Ethan!

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