What are you thankful for?

Sometimes it's important to take a break and reflect on the positives

What are you thankful for?

Despite its political decline, American culture continues to be pervasive. Halloween remains as entrenched as ever, and now it would appear that Black Friday has well and truly solidified itself as a new retailing phenomenon.

With the UK apparently so eager to adopt American holidays, perhaps we should take one that (at least on the surface) is about family, unity and positive reflection instead of just commercialisation: Thanksgiving.

While we don't have to go all in on the turkey and the frankly obscene amount of food, or for that matter taking the day off, perhaps we should mark the date in our diary as allocated time to sit and think of all we do have, and the positives we have in our life.

It could be the big things, like family, safety, or having enough food to eat. Perhaps it's more societal, like our freedom of expression, the ability to engage in art and lively debate, or having a fantastic choice of cultural entertainment. Maybe it's something really small, like that stranger who held the door open for you, or the time someone let you go in front of them in a line because you were only buying one item.

We must celebrate everything that is great - no matter how small - and remember that even a simple gesture such as smiling at a stranger on the street could really light their day.

So what are you grateful for? Why not sign up and let us know what it is you're appreciative of - and do let us know over on Facebook and Twitter too!


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