Simón shares multicultural heritage with single "Disguise"

"Disguise" captivates listeners with its unique blend of Anglo and Latin influences, brought to life by Simón's soft and mesmerizing voice.

At just 17 years old, Simón, also known as Simon Villamizar, is already making waves in the industry with his distinctive sound. Born in Miami to Colombian parents, Simón's music reflects the eclectic melting pot of cultures that defines Miami's vibrant landscape. His songs are a fusion of trap, urban, deep-pop, and Latin elements, creating a genre-bending experience that is both fresh and irresistible.

"Disguise", produced by Jona Camacho & Alfonso Ordoñez at Red Dot Studio in Miami, Florida, showcases Simón's talent as a singer-songwriter. Written when he was 16 years old, the song is a testament to his maturity and artistic vision. From the catchy instrumental hooks to the introspective lyrics, "Disguise" invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.

"Disguise" serves as a tantalizing preview of what's to come with the release of his upcoming Simón's debut EP. Like his previous releases, "Disguise" features cover art designed by renowned artist Federico Uribe. The broken pencils on the cover symbolize the frustrations and challenges of life, which are further amplified when they are written and reflected upon.

What sets Simón apart from his peers is not just his talent, but his ability to seamlessly blend diverse cultural influences into his music. With "Disguise", he invites listeners into his world, where boundaries blur and genres merge to create something truly magical. His soft and mesmerizing voice, combined with the infectious beats and catchy instrumental hooks, ensures that "Disguise" will leave a lasting impression on all who hear it.

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