Q&A with rising French rapper Zyeubleu

I got to chat with the artist around the release of his EP titled "Captif".

Q&A with rising French rapper Zyeubleu
  • Hello Zyeubleu! Where does this stage name come from?

Hello Laury, well, this stage name appeared to me as an obvious choice. I have always been fascinated by people's gaze. It refers to a part of the human body that communicates a lot of emotions. Additionally, it's the part of my face (along with my ears 😂) that people talk to me about the most. I also have a special connection with the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, specifically the card "Blue-Eyes White Dragon." The energy of this imaginary creature is linked to a particularity of the human body that I appreciate, as well as the identical color to mine.

  • Who were your first inspirations in the world of rap and music in general?

Well, my inspirations are very broad. I grew up immersed in music from the 80s/90s, including disco, French and English rock, French variety, pop, reggae, and techno. But when I really started to take an interest in music, I asked my father for rap CDs, and he simply gave me three CDs: NTM - "Paris sous les bombes," MC Solaar - "Cinquièmes As," and Disiz la Peste - "Le poisson rouge." Those were my first major hooks, and I discovered artists like Dany Dan, Médine, the group Lunatic, and solo artist Booba, as well as current artists like Coelho, Usky, and Sheldon (to name a few), who inspire me in terms of capturing attention while delivering a strong and genuinely well-written message.

  • Tell us about your first project as Zyeubleu, "CAPTIF." What are the themes addressed in this EP?

I wrote this EP with a cinematic mindset. I conceived this first EP by exploring something specific that I call "emotional captivity." By this expression, I refer to the act of allowing oneself to be caught by the constant flow of emotions that assail us. In the four tracks on this EP, the emotions related to frustration, weakness, desire, and loss of control are factors to be managed in order to begin understanding that these same emotions can serve us more than the opposite.

  • How would you describe your musical style that blends rap and singing?

That's a very good question. I have never really thought about seeking the musical style that describes me best. I let people describe me, but if I had to give it a label, I might call it alternative rap.

  • What are your aspirations for the future of your music career? Do you have any upcoming projects after the release of this EP?

I would like to be able to make a living from my music in the long term. I don't necessarily desire fame, but simply the desire to see listeners appreciate and come to hear what I have to offer, for my music to live through the ages. I do have two EPs planned for the end of this year. The second one, titled "Évasion", will be released in September, and the third one, named "Liberté", will be released in November. They may potentially come together as a triptych called "Les maux cyans" (The Cyan Ailments).

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