'No More Fight' by Ofelia: A Dance of Desires

Ofelia returns with 'No More Fight'.

Ophélie, also known as Ofelia, is a French Pop and R&B artist who navigates a world combining emotions and impactful rhythms. She started her musical journey in England and draws inspiration from artists such as Lolo Zouaï, Jorja Smith, and Michael Jackson, thanks to her rich international background.

"No More Fight," her third single, tells the story of an attraction that grips you and consumes you, blending pleasure and pain perfectly. In contrast to her previous single, "Take Me To Bed", Ofelia wanted to capture the urgency of desire and the dilemma she faces: whether to give in to temptation or side with reason. The song features an electro, upbeat, and bouncy production by the beatmaker Walkman The-Soul. The goal of this track is to make the listener dance, with a subtle warning that says, "You won't be able to resist!"

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