Chandra's 'Lighters To The Sky': An Inspiring Indie-Rock Anthem for Dreamers

Chandra shares an inspiring new track + video "Lighters To The Sky".

Bristol-based indie-rock singer-songwriter Chandra is on a mission to inspire others with new single, "Lighters To The Sky". The track is all about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and be true to themselves. The guitar-fueled track is a feel-good tune that will get you tapping your feet and singing along in no time.

Chandra's message is crystal clear in the upbeat and energetic song.He believes that everyone has something special to achieve and that we should all be supportive of one another's dreams. The lyrics are empowering and remind us that even a small step towards a goal is worth celebrating.

The music video is a perfect match for the song, with its visual representation of how something great doesn't have to be something big. It can be as simple as striving to be healthier for your loved ones or pursuing a lifelong dream.

“I wanted to write a positive, uplifting antidote to the blues” says Chandra. “This is basically a love song to all the people who have a dream but are struggling... who know deep down inside what they want to do but can't find the support they need to follow it through” continues Chandra.
“It’s also as much about people recognising that they can help someone in spades just by being a little bit supportive. We all understand what it feels like to come together at a gig and hold our lighters or phones up to the sky... imagine if you could give someone that kind of support... how much of a lasting boost that might give someone.”

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