Australian artist Guard unveils new song "Luvbomb"

The meme lord shares a new track titled "Luvbomb" along with a music video.

This post may contain mature or challenging content.

With a large following on Instagram for his meme content, Guard uses his platform to raise awareness about mental health through his introspective music.

"Luvbomb" delves into the concept of love bombing, a manipulative tactic often associated with narcissism in relationships. Guard explores the psychology behind this toxic behavior, revealing that it stems from deep insecurity based on trauma. Reflecting on his own behaviors, such as being overly complimentary and overly generous, Guard acknowledges that they could be perceived as love bombing and admits they stem from his own insecurities and fears.

"Luvbomb" serves as the first single from Guard's upcoming album, "it was all a meme...", which he describes as a love letter to his meme fans. He created each song in one go, without any rewrites, following his first instinct despite the imposter syndrome that comes with being an artist. "Luvbomb" sets the tone for the album and we just can't wait to listen to the other tracks!

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