Rising Derry Singer Kid Apollo Is Back

Singer-songwriter and bedroom producer Kid Apollo is back with a 4th EP titled 'Four Fires'.

Kid Apollo is a singer-songwriter and bedroom producer from Ireland who never ceases to surprise us. Rather than sticking to one genre, he likes to experiment with various sounds based on his creative vision at the time and his emotions. His 4th EP 'Four Fires' is a great example of that. Kid Apollo blends acoustic guitar, rock vibes, and even electronic touches perfectly throughout the 4 tracks. For the first time in his career, the artist recorded the songs in a professional studio, giving a whole new dimension to his music.

The EP is a representation of the sound of standing still amid chaos. Kid Apollo explains:

“The central theme of fire seemed to follow me around all Summer when making 'Four Fires', and at a time in my life when everything seems to be constantly changing and challenging me, it felt right that the EP I was making would reflect the idea of having to relax and be okay with the things you were comfortable and familiar with "burning" around you. From lead single 'Smokescreen' to the title track itself, each song on the EP represents a feeling of unease and circumstances slipping beyond your control. 'Four Fires' is the sound of standing still amid the chaos.”

It's up to you to pick your favorite track among the 4 that are part of the EP - for me, it's 'Four Fires'!


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