On The Rise With Rapper Lan'do

Canadian-Jamaican rapper Lan'do releases his first EP titled "Man Like Me".

The Toronto-based rapper Lan'do is leaving his mark on the hip-hop scene with his experimental and fusion sounds. Strong from a multicultural background, his dual identity colors and influences his tracks.

Lan'do started his career with other independent artists under No Tourists alias and got recognition with 2 critically acclaimed EPs. Alongside his work with the crew, the artist spent time on his own music, leading to the release of the EP "Man Like Me" - reminiscent of what he grew up listening to.

With a catalog of influences and a recipe book filled with his experimental fusions, Lan’do is not afraid to ‘hit a home run’ in his mastery of multiple genres. From grime to dancehall to Caribbean vibes and even UK flows, Lan'do shows that he can play with genres for an incredible result.

Listen to the full EP here

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