‘Global village’ phenomenon is affecting how couples fall in love

Does online dating affect the success of a relationship? There is a drastic shift from ‘physical’ dating to internet dating created by dating apps.

‘Global village’ phenomenon is affecting how couples fall in love

The 'global village' term is used to refer to the world as a society whereby ‘physical’ distance has been reduced by the electronic media. The instance where people can interact irrespective of distance has caused people to employ different mechanisms to interact with one another. Online dating is one of the mechanisms; it is a means of finding love through internet-enabled gadgets like cell phones and computers. You can opt to use online dating apps or online communication services like calling and messaging through internet platforms. Relationships have been developed on these platforms and most of them have been proven to be successful despite challenges.

Before the emergence of online dating, people used interpersonal dating where you arrange and meet up physically. Critics of online dating think that it is a platform for peddling lies, and is not a reflection of one’s true self. Some think that online dating is a modern advancement of interpersonal dating, for instance in how they both incur cost. Cost of transport, coffee consumption at a restaurant, and the cost of dressing to impress are just some expenses involved in interpersonal dating, which is similar to the cost of downloading an app, subscription cost and internet cost. Also, in an interpersonal relationship, the vibes do not indicate one's identity at first, since people did not disclose their true selves. 

Furthermore, online dating has shifted from this situation where it was considered to be weird, stigmatised, and taboo, to a very normal way to meet people. The shift was majorly caused by the pandemic, which saw social distance, curfews, and lockdowns become commonplace. The situation encouraged people to view online dating in a positive, beneficial way. The BBC reported that daily conversation between Tinder users rose by 12% between mid-February and the end of March 2020.

The majority of the people who negatively viewed online dating changed their views during this period, and instead subscribed to online dating. It has also changed the ‘way of life’ of many people – especially the youth. Unlike before, where people met in public spaces, users of online dating platforms meet partners and chat with them from the privacy of their homes facilitated by the internet. 

However, many young people believe that it is their generation and they need the freedom to live their way. In this regard, writer Sarah DiGiulio, gives tips that may lead to a successful online dating relationship;

1.Select the right app

Pick the right apps according to how you envisage your partner to be, since some are hook up apps, shared hobby apps, or same religion apps. Pick apps according to your sexual preferences, for example, if you are you are gay, then Grindr is a great app for meeting same-sex partners.

2.Be Honest

Honesty plays a major role in any relationship because people are likely to fall in love with similar people to themselves. If you’re truthful about who you are and what you want, your chances of a successful, healthy relationship are increased.

3.Choose the best photo that presents you well.

Although you should be truthful about yourself, when it comes to photos they should be carefully selected, and depict your best physical appearance. Approach them as you do a job interview, where you dress up to show a good reflection of yourself. A photo can portray specific attributes that can enhance attractiveness and likeability. This enhancement can be emphasised in the posture, facial expression, and background. 

4.KISS; Keep It Short and Simple.

Do not write ‘essays’ in your profile, people simply won’t read them. Include what makes you interesting and things you consider important to you. According to Chaudry, an ideal balance of your profile details should be 70 percent about you and 30 percent about your potential match. For another, Reis suggests not to cut-off face-to-face meetings entirely. After meeting a match and interacting online for a short period of two weeks or less, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting. 

5.Be open-minded

You should have the ability to listen to or accept other individuals' ideas and opinions. Just because you have different hobbies or ideas, it doesn’t mean you give up on them. Be open-minded about the idea and you can develop new ideas from the people you meet online. Personal growth is one of the elements that make long-term relationships exist.

6.Have fun

Dating apps should not feel like work. You should enjoy yourself and have fun. If this is not the case, take a break and try something else. For example, dating apps like Tagged have activities where you can be an active participant and earn cash. This is a good platform for passing time.

In my quest to see the success of online dating, I interviewed one of the online dating users.

Elliot, a 21-year-old Nottingham student, has had a good experience with online dating and reckons he started the relationship earlier because of it.

Online dating seems more superficial, however I feel it gives greater opportunity to get to know a wider pool of people. It’s a lot more calculated and risk free. They can be fun, but it’s incredibly subjective but can also sometimes be quite bad for your mind.

In summary, romantic relationships can begin anywhere; in places of worship, school, sports centres, party, or business training. Online dating has potential and its future is still not predictable. It is spreading widely and it has deeply altered both the romantic acquaintance process and the process of compatibility matching. The success of a relationship is not determined by the method used to start or propel the relationship but by the efforts invested by the parties involved in a relationship.

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