Random Acts Midlands First Blog

Hello and welcome to our first Random Acts Voicebox blog! In this space we hope to post all the latest updates about this brilliantly exciting new project along with clips and stills from the shoots as well as blogs from our young artists and filmmakers about the experience.

Random Acts Midlands First Blog

If you've attended one of our 'Access' or 'Activate' days, visited our webpages, sent in an idea or application or actually been chosen and have started on your Random Acts production we would LOVE to know what you think. How did you find the application process or workshop events? Who have you met or worked with? What inspired your idea? How was your visit to Maverick TV? What inspiration did your mentor give you?

We want to know what you think about all things Random! Upload your blog stories, news and views, photos and clips.

Random Acts is a major 3-year Arts Council England/Channel 4 project that supports young artists and film makers age 16-24 with creative ideas, from all art forms, to create stunning new short films. There are 5 network centres across England and The Rural Media Company is the network centre for the Midlands.

Over the next 3 years we will be working with young people who live or attend college or university in the Midlands and creating 72 short arts films but there will also be a Network Centre in your area and the contact details for those centres can be found on our website.

Once the films are finished they be submitted to Channel 4 for potential broadcast on their on-line platform or TV strand.

Not all films made will be selected by Channel 4 though so look out for them on our You Tube and Vimeo channels or our website and let us know what you think.

Find out more on our website pages here

Watch this space to find out what's happening next in our Random world!

We want to know what you think about all things Random! Upload your blog stories, news and views, photos and clips. You need to register on Voice then select the Voicebox called Random Acts Midlands when you upload - and your posts will appear here!


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