Get Involved - Arts Award on Voice

Get Involved - Arts Award on Voice

Here at Arts Award on Voice, we like to make a big deal about the work you post from your own Arts Award here onto Voice and we want to encourage you to do that as much as you can. We want you to upload your own blogs, vlogs and reviews onto Voice for your Arts Award so that your work can be read or viewed by other people doing their Awards and, that way, we all help each other out.

The good thing about using Voice to host your portfolio is that it immediately counts as sharing your work with an audience. People from across the website can read your reviews and blogs and comment their feedback on your pieces so that also counts towards your portfolio! Clever innit?


You can write a review of any arts activity - film releases, books, art exhibitions, video name it! A good review is around 200-400 words, or, if you feel really fancy, you could try a video review!

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Here are some how to guides with our tips for writing a good review:

How to write reviews for the web

How to write a review of an event

  • The Voice team also regularly post reviews, including covering the bigger arts festivals. If you're interested in reviewing for Voice, please do contact us. We run a local reporters programme for reviewing in your area and a yearly national reporters programme for upcoming writers and journalists.

Blogs and vlogs

Blogs are opinion pieces. They can be about something that you have done, or something that is happening in the art world. If you want to write about a big arts issue, this is the place.

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Tips for creating a good blog/vlog:

Josh Gould How to Write an Opinion Piece

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Competitions, call-outs, internships, we've got you covered ;) Search Arts Award and career opportunities here.

So go forth and express yourselves!