Facebook/Zoom Live Lockdown Concert from my Living Room.

Navin Kundra's Live lockdown concert on Saturday Night 3rd April 2021. Navin Kundra was the main singer with his band (515) of lots of great musicians. Electric piano, the Drums, Guitar, Violin and Tabla. Live concert was followed by a live party.


Navin Kundra's virtual presentation of live music event followed by a Zoom party hosted by DJ Vik Toreus, thereafter.

What a incredible show, so much energy and great happy vibes. Navin said the Floor was on fire with all this great energy.

My Keyboard teacher Hinal Pattani was part of their band called 515. I learnt that he sung as well as played the electric piano. 

I felt happy listening to great music from my time as well as stuff from my parents and grand parents times. Navin is a varied singer he sung young to old songs and English as well as Hindi songs.

My favourite bit was the Michael Jackson Songs as there was great dancing by Navin.

There was an unexpected bit where Hinal had to search for some lyrics on his phone. There was just a few glitches in the quality of the video. These could have been due to Facebook platform or maybe my phone being air dropped onto my apple TV. 

There was a 20 minutes break so we could grab some snacks and drinks which was great.

The DJ was the best, he definitely got the people as well as me dancing. I have learnt that events like these do take time to put together as well as lots of rehearsals and practicing. 

The  show had lots of great backgrounds. I loved the way when the love song was on I could see hearts. I definitely want to take part in a band like this. Great show, well done for boosting our spirits in times of the Covid lockdown.

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Mansi Pandya

Mansi Pandya

I'm a student, 11 years old.


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