In the fast lane (Forza Horizon 4) - silver arts award game review

I am doing silver arts award and i have an intrest in graphic design so therfore sharing my review of a game called Forza horizon 4 which has amazing graphics ! 

In the fast lane  (Forza Horizon 4) - silver arts award game review

Forza Horizon 4 is an amazing Microsoft car-based driving game in which you can race through the rural countryside of Britain, or take a leisurely drive through the atmospheric streets of Edinburgh. Personally one of my favourite features is the changing seasons and the effort the graphic designers must have gone to achieve the effects in the game such as snow in Winter and autumnal trees and leaves in Autumn also dirt and sand on the cars when taken off-road. Also, the game feels like a whole new game at night time. I personally have also visited Edinburgh back in 2017 and walking down Princess street (the Main Street in Edinburgh ) it’s unbelievable how realistic the game matches the scenery almost exactly to what I saw when I visited. Also visiting the Cotswolds in summer for a day out reveals how realistic the colours of the brick on the stone houses, for example, are matched and the reflections on the water flowing through the little streets.

Header Image Credit: Forza horizon screenshots


Remy Stannard

Remy Stannard

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