Infinity War Film Review

A film review for my bronze arts award.  There are spoilers!

This film was extraordinary! The film starts by immediately showing us the villain and explaining his motives which were to destroy half of all the life in the universe so that the remaining half could live in a better way than all of the universe’s life forms together.

The villain, Thanos, fought the main ‘goodies’’ most strong character called The Hulk. Thanos did this with the use of just one ‘Infinity stone’, it is these stones that give incredible power to the bearer. This demonstration of power showed that the villain should not be taken on without proper planning.

The whole of the rest of this movie was the search for the other ‘infinity stones’ so that the villain would have the power to bring about his terrible life-taking plan and the heroes trying to get to them to stop him.  

I particularly enjoyed scenes where Thanos had screen time because of the contrast between his calm persona compared to the heroes extremely stressed and concerned state. Some of the character interactions were great. In one memorable scene where a young Spiderman in talking to Iron Man - it was a really sad scene because using his (Spiderman’s) special power he knew his pending death was imminent. This was captured really well with the Ironman/Spiderman discussion and gave me goose-bumps.

The actors used improvisation in the scene really well and the dialogue made it all the more sad. CGI was spectacular and the use of blue screen worked seamlessly with the real-life actors. A great example was in a set-piece battle on Titan (an alien world) and in this scene many CGI fought real actors to great effect.

Entertainment value, a terrific eight out of ten.

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Ben Kentish

Ben Kentish

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  • Rachel Kentish

    On 26 May 2020, 12:26 Rachel Kentish commented:

    Great review! I really enjoyed this film too. Thanks for the heads up about spoilers!

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