Is it ok to wear pointe shoes?

This debate looks at whether pointe shoes should be worn from a young age or whether going onto pointe can be done by anyone without training. 

Is it ok to wear pointe shoes?

My video above talks about whether it Is too early to wear pointe shoes from a young age or whether an inexperienced person can wear pointe shoes. 

In this video I will show my view on the argument ‘is it too early to wear pointe shoes’ and I will explain the for and against arguments about wearing them too early. My goal is to look at all the research and make my decision on the matter and hopefully provide you with enough information that you can also make an informed decision.

My first argument is whether any person can go onto pointe, whether they need training and for how long? Or whether this is unnecessary and anyone can use pointe shoes. Does is matter? What damage does it do, if any?

I also talk about what age a person or child should use pointe shoes from and does this matter? I look at an example of young ones in Russia using pointe shoes from a young age and how they are trained from a very early age to dance on pointe.

I then look at both the first and against of going into point and make a decision based on the facts. 

I hope that you like the research that I have done for my arts award and if you would like to share an opinion then I would appreciate the feedback.

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Erin Mills

Erin Mills

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  • Carol Leach

    On 20 May 2020, 07:50 Carol Leach commented:

    you cover an interesting topic, and make some very good points here - the delivery is very professional too.

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