Cover: Allegra, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui ‘Lose You To Love Me’

Returning to the small screen for the second time in the last few months, the stellar collaboration between Billboard Chart sensation Allegra and YouTube star Kurt Hugo Schneider is back for round two, in his series on covering well-known pop songs.

Cover: Allegra, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui ‘Lose You To Love Me’

This time round, the song is Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose You to Love Me’, the latest release from the pop superstar which deals with the difficult decision to break off an unhealthy relationship in order to pursue self-love instead. Keeping in the theme of the original video being a bare-all confessional to the camera, Allegra, Kurt and Sam Tsui, a YouTube star in his own right, sit in a circle around a piano and drums, and, in a tracked one-shot, perform this emotionally charged ballad to perfection.

It’s an impressive performance which features each musician taking on one drum and in the case of Kurt Hugo Schneider, the kick drum and the piano simultaneously. The song is belted out by both Allegra and Sam with all the passion it requires and in doing so, they make this song their own. This cover follows the overwhelming success of Allegra and Schneider’s last collaboration - the gorgeous reimagining of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’, an inspired version of the hit which Schneider arranged having never heard the song before.

This time round, the video features both Allegra and Sam Tsui on vocals, and the two
harmonise to create a pairing which is set to make waves all across the internet and into the wider world of pop music. It was a risky choice to cover such a personal and emotional song, but it’s a risk that pays off. The song is certainly done justice by Schneider’s arrangement and Allegra and Sam’s gorgeously fervent vocals.

Allegra is clearly an artist who has her head set firmly on her shoulders. It’s a combination of her songwriting talent and her clear respect for and taste in other peoples’ songs which has led to her being the perfect choice to cover Gomez’s number one hit. It’ll keep us ticking over until she releases her next hit which, if ‘All About Us’ is anything to go by, will be the next big thing.

Watch the visual to accompany Allegra, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui Selena Gomez ‘Lose You To Love Me’ cover here.

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