Review of Legally Blonde

This is my review on the musical production at the adc theatre 'Legally Blonde'

Review of Legally Blonde

On Friday 22nd March I went to see Legally Blonde at the ADC theatre. The story is about a girl called Elle who dreams that her boyfriend (Warner) will propose to her and they will eventually get married. Unfortunately, this is not the case as Warner dumps her to ‘get serious’ and go to Harvard Law. She decides to follow him to Harvard as she doesn’t want to lose him. Elle just manages to pass the test, but has to give a presentation. Instead she sings a song about love and Professor Callahan allows her to join. At the beginning of her time at Harvard she doesn’t fit in and knows nothing about law. In her first class with Professor Callahan, she gets sent out of the class for not reading and memorising her law book. Emmett knows the only reason why Elle’s there is to win back Warner, so he helps her improve so she can impress Warner and become one of the top 4 in the class. She places in the top 4 and is part of a law case, where she uses her knowledge in fashion and hair to win the case. Everyone’s impressed especially Warner because he didn’t think Elle would be capable of such things. Professor Callahan was also impressed with her, but Elle soon finds out there was a specific reason behind him allowing her to join the school. In the end Elle realises she doesn’t love Warner anymore, but someone else. This is unfortunate for Warner as he started liking her again.

The musical surprised me because I didn’t think there was going to be as much effort put in then there was. The house looked like a lot of work because it needed to be able to stay in place and hold people’s weight. In addition, there were more songs than I thought and they were sometimes in places you wouldn’t think they’d be put in. I think they did an amazing job planning all of it because the actors had enough of a time gap to change outfits if necessary. My favourite part of the musical was the songs and the props. I liked the songs because they were catchy and full of energy. Plus, the songs made the musical more engaging and interesting because they were bold and outgoing. Also, I thought the props/backdrop (the house) was amazing because it was big enough to use and had doors that led out of it. I think the actors did a great job portraying the personalities of the character, especially Harriet Fisher who played Paulette Bonafonte, she really showed that Paulette was a lively and unique character. Moreover, they planned the outfits out really well as what the characters wore kind of reflected their personality. For example, Vivienne Kensington wore trousers or skirts with a shirt and this choice implies she’s hard-working, studious and focused, which she is in the musical. Furthermore, the props made it easier because they meant we didn’t have to visualise every detail as well as following the plot. I did think it was a bit confusing at times, for example when the Greek chorus came in, at first I thought everyone could see them, but I eventually realised only Elle could

Even though I think anyone who is interested in the arts, or anyone who enjoys seeing musicals should see this, I also think these people should be aged 10 and above. As well as being fun to watch, there was quite a few things you could learn from it such as, you shouldn’t give up on things you believe in because even if they don’t turn out the way you want them to, at least you tried, and you may end up somewhere better. Going to see Legally Blonde was a wonderful opportunity and overall I really enjoyed going to see it. I would definitely go watch it again or watch something similar. Now that I’ve gone to see Legally Blonde, I would like to go and see more musicals and theatre productions as they’re really fun and enjoyable. I would rate Legally Blonde 4 stars out of 5.


Maria Walsh

Maria Walsh

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  • Maria Walsh

    On 28 October 2019, 16:17 Maria Walsh commented:

    Please can you give some feedback on my review. It would be highly appreciated.

  • Sienna James

    On 30 October 2019, 15:20 Sienna James Assistant Editor commented:

    What a fantastic review, Maria! Is there anything that you didn't like about this production?

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