Rachael Sage treats us to a live video of 'Daylight'

Rachael Sage puts into words what we all wish we could talk about in this heart-wrenching live performance of 'Daylight'.

Rachael Sage treats us to a live video of 'Daylight'

It’s rare to find an artist quite so instantaneously appealing yet simultaneously with lyrics as intellectual and honest as Rachael Sage. Her latest album, PseudoMyopia, is an acoustic reimagining of her previous effort, Myopia, a collection of songs exploring the concept of vision - including narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness (both physical and metaphorical) and pre-judgement.

Collaborating with Vision Aid Overseas, the profits from this album will also help to provide free vision tests and glasses to lower-income countries - a cause very close to Sage’s heart. Legally blind without glasses or contact lenses, Sage has turned her weakness into creative strength, lending her voice to those who might need to hear her important messages.

‘Daylight’ is a particularly poignant track from the album. Singing about mixed messages within a relationship, Rachael has written a track which is instantly relatable and puts into words something I’m sure we all felt like saying at some point in our lives.

Watch the heart-wrenching performance of ‘Daylight’ below:

'Daylight' live performance


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