Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself

“I once had a guy never call me back because I rolled my eyes when he said Mark Zuckerberg was his hero.”

Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself

Life is hard, we all know this, but when you feel as if everything you do has been set up to fail, life can be really hard. That’s how Kate feels and although it’s probably not true, I have never heard of anyone else going to tie their hair and ending up with a blood clot in their ear instead? 

Kate Lucas is selling herself because that’s what she’s been told to do. Be more confident, put yourself out there more; all day long, coming at her from every angle and frankly, she’s had enough. Kate may feel like she’s losing at life, but she is certainly winning when it comes to her brand new show. 

Step right up, step right up, item number one: Kate’s feet.

In a bid to sell herself, it’s not surprising that starting with the feet wasn’t going to bring in the highest of bids; I think they sold for £40 in the end to a guy named Simon. Who cares about monetary value though when you’re as talented as Kate is? Kate’s ready to make a stand about all the things there is to hate about the culture we live in. My personal pet peeve is people pretending avocado smashed on some toast is nice, Kate’s however, is advertising. 

What do you get when you mix excellent guitar playing with a beautiful singing voice and a set at the Tron? A pretty package of sarcasm that’s heading straight for the jugular of everything about advertising that really pisses her off. 

Attention beauty cosmetic people: anti-wrinkle cream is not a good mother’s day gift. It’s passive aggressive and should not be the no.1 choice of things to get the woman who gave birth to you. Can I get an amen? 

Kate Lucas: Is Selling Herself is simply a brilliant show. It highlights everything that is wrong with today’s society with music, original songs and an old fashioned auctioning of body parts – it’s just like Taken. “People equal product.” Kate doesn’t want to be a product; she doesn’t want to be another fleeting social media trend until the next ‘cat riding a skateboard’ knocks her off the shelf. So, guitar in hand, she’s singing her way through all the crap, salvaging any remnants of a life that allows room for some dignity. 

Kate is not alone in her disdain for being treated like a commodity. It seems women fought for years to get men to stop treating us like property, and now we are doing it ourselves, advertising and all, just so’s not to get left behind. 

But what can we do? Kate say’s “fuck 'em.” Kate’s decided to go at her own pace and do what she needs to do to keep herself sane. Despite contrary opinion (talking to you Mark Zuckerberg) we are not a bunch of zero’s and one’s on a screen that only a percentage of people in the world can understand, we are human beings. Kate’s not going to lose herself in a bunch of binary coded malarkey and neither should you. Kate Lucas for Prime Minister. 

Catch Kate performing at Tron @ 18:20 and get ready for a lot of singing and what I can only describe as low-brow black market antics.

Header Image Credit: Steve Ullathorne


Saskia Calliste

Saskia Calliste Voice Team

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