Such Filthy Fxcks

A hidden gem in a room that was so hard to find, not even the staff knew where it was.

Such Filthy Fxcks

Gambling addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction; these are all terms that we hear on a regular basis. Addiction is a disease, the person is not to blame, but do people display the same empathy if you have an addiction to porn? Not surprisingly, there is even a hierarchy when it comes to something like addiction. Do people have the same sympathy for a person whose addiction is to binge on co-ed gangbangs and webcam girls (or boys)? 

Such Filthy Fxcks by the Smoke & Oakum Theatre Company explores porn addiction in great depth and revealing honesty. It tells the story of two people who bond over the same thing that puts them at risk of losing everything they have.

Who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? Are the multi-million profit websites like Pornhub to blame, or should people have self-control over their urges? If you ever thought the lines to such an addiction were that black and white then you would be wrong. Even in a society where everyone is, or at least trying to be “woke”, things constantly fall through the net. The conversation surrounding porn is a little more, ‘kids these days think all sex is like porn, what should we do?’ and a little less, ‘not everyone who watches porn is a pervert and some people have a genuine problem’. 

Perhaps after seeing Such Filthy Fxcks your perception will change, because I know mine certainly has. I have never really given it much thought, but their performances were so enlightening – and believable might I add, especially from Alice McCarthy who played Luca – that you won’t be able to help but rethink everything you thought you knew about porn addiction.

The performance was dramatic, intense and very unexpected. Both McCarthy and Olivier Huband, who plays multiple roles, had a very commanding stage presence; couple that with the authentic chemistry you could feel between the two and you have yourself one winner of a show. 

Such Filthy Fxcks is playing at the Pleasance Dome until the 26th August. To save you some time, walk straight through, turn right and walk up the stairs concealed behind the blue wall. If I don’t tell you I’m not sure anyone else will. 

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