Just These Please: Suitable

25 sketches. One hour. Non-stop belly laughs.

Just These Please: Suitable

In the confined space of the Balcony at The Gilded Balloon Teviot, comedy gold was struck. From the moment I sat down to writing this review now I am still laughing. Just These Please are a very talented group of individuals; from Irish accents to remastered Destiny Child songs and a fabulous, if not slightly damaging, re-enactment to the ending of Titanic, it's very hard to find fault with anything they did on stage. Although they did emphasise no audience participation, and as far as I'm concerned, having to sing "you canny push your granny off a bus", is still classed as audience participation. However, on this one occasion I will omit that particular faux par because they kicked off Saturday at the Fringe with one hell of a bang.

Each sketch, even the one about the heinous human being who would dare clap at the wrong time during the Friends theme song, was well thought out, candid and fresh – not forgetting hilarious, but I think I’ve said that already. It had the perfect mix of harsh truths, sarcasm and Vegan bashing; there are other foods besides avocados people. 

With a wide variety of age groups in the audience, not one joke seemed to fall on deaf ears or fly directly over someone’s head. Even the older people in the audience, who haven't succumbed to the trap that is buying an iPhone, were highly entertained by the Just These Please coined expression of ‘The Plug Walker’; a sketch that makes anyone who has ever gone into an eatery only to charge their phone, feel like a complete A-hole, and so they should. It's not enough to buy a £3 coffee and sit there for four hours, Martin. 

Just These Please are playing daily throughout August (except the 12th for some reason) until the 26th at the Gilded Balloon Teviot. Start your day with just these please. See what I did there? That’s why they were on stage and I was in the audience. 

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