Hair - Lyceum Theatre

A review on the 2019 production of hair.

Hair - Lyceum Theatre


Hair is a show set in 1967 following a group of hippies living in the east village of New York. 

“Let the sunshine” truly made the sunshine in the theater for those couple of hours. I really enjoyed this performance, beforehand I had heard a lot about this show from my mum and close friends who had already seen it, some of them quite strange, so I was intrigued up to go. As it started, I thought how it’s just another performance and there was really nothing to say but then bright colours and lights introduced a stage of rainbows and psychedelic happiness. It all looked so much fun and immediately they began including the audience and this lasted throughout the show. It really made you feel as if you were part of their “tribe”. (There were also climbing chairs in the stalls). 

Although it is so happy and fun it is about a war and the hippie movement and in my personal opinion it had a perfect mix of comedy and seriousness while also developing people’s understanding of this point in history. Not only does it teach about that point in time, but I think it also applies to our world today. It was quite relatable in some ways too. 

Furthermore, the vocal work on the songs was amazing as well. In particular “Let the sunshine in” and “Aquarius”. These songs were brilliantly performed, and the harmonies conveyed so much emotion it moved my Mum to tears ("Let the sunshine in" made my Mum cry). 

All in all, I would recommend this show because of its brilliants in music and set design and how well the characters were portrayed by the actors. The one drawback was that you really must concentrate on the story to fully understand it. 

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