Simply amazing.


Out of Chaos have produced something incredible with their production of Unmythable. From the very first second, until the final, rapturous round of applause, I was completely captivated by the performance. Every scene was well crafted: the script was tight and the songs catchy and sparingly but effectively dressed. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me just rewind quickly...

Unmythable is a retelling of many of your favourite – because of course you have a favourite – Greek legends. You, the audience, are part of a mighty collective of heroes known as the Argonauts, and you are here to help claim the Golden Fleece. Along the way you will relive the capture of Troy, the creation and punishment of man, the blinding of the cyclops, and the tricking of Persephone by Hades, to name just a few scenes.

The three cast members are simply exceptional at holding the audience spellbound. They command your absolute attention, hooking you along continuously with their charm and side-busting, comedic timing. Considering the set consists of just three crates, it was exceptional how creatively they used them – and the costume changes, to signify different characters, were simply genius.

Everything worked with Unmythable. I wanted for nothing during the performance, except perhaps for the performers to be mic’ed up so we could hear them over the absolute pounding the venue took from the rain. But even that was only a temporary distraction the performers managed to compensate for. 

Unmythable is a masterstroke in adapting legendary tales and myths. It stays true to the source material, but emphasises the ridiculous and comedic nature of these stories, drawing out humour to make them accessible. There were even small digs at the continued failing of contemporary society to address gender inequality.  

Honestly, I could probably continue to gush about Unmythable for pages, but I’d be wasting time you could better spend by booking tickets to see the show for yourself.


Tom Inniss

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