Tate Modern Review

This is my review of the Tate Modern Museum.

Tate Modern Review

For my first review, my friend Maisie and I visited the Tate Modern museum. It is based in London with lots of different art pieces. I thought it would be a good idea to travel to this museum as I have never been before, and I wanted to see all the different styles of art, as I could find it useful for inspiration. I really liked the different colours that were used in some of the paintings as it drew my attention the most. Although, when i first entered the building, I noticed the architecture in the halls of the museum, with a black and white colour palette. Which I liked as it made the artwork stand out more. I also really enjoyed the different variety of artwork that was displayed there, and not just paintings. Such as, photography, digital and sculptural. Overall, I found this visit very interesting and enjoyed looking around, as I rarely visit art museums and seeing all of the fantastic art will definitely inspire me for my future work.

One of the paintings that caught my eye was created by Bridget Riley. I really like this painting because of the bright colours that are used and the very unusual looking patterns. I also found it very interesting how Riley used the human eye for inspiration to create this painting. She has pointed out that the connection with nature is central to her work. She describes her work as 'rich and comforting', as earlier in her career Riley only worked with black and white, although that changed in 1970 when she started experimenting with colour. Which she described as being 'closer to our experience of the real world'. Another reason why I really like this painting is because it links to illusion photography , which is a style of photography I explored during parts A and B. I think this because of how abstract and different it is.   


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  • Joshua Gould

    On 21 March 2019, 13:25 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    Hi Kaitlin, this is a lovely review! I must make the effort to go to the Tate soon, I can't remember the last time that I was there.

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