How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII

Just as brilliant the second time round

How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII

With her blunt honesty, sharp wit and tendency to overshare, Eva Von Schnippisch is an instantly likeable character with whom it is a joy to spend an hour. She chats to the audience as they arrive, her clever ad libs warming the room to her immediately. The show itself is a riot of funny accessories, huge vocals and hilarity, as you follow Eva on her mad adventures through wartime Europe.

Eva, played by cabaret artist Stephanie Ware, has absolutely no reservations whatsoever, meaning that some of the content is less than PG, but she is not rude just for the sake of it — her gags are well timed and well executed, and showcase her skills in observational comedy. Ware’s face is incredibly expressive, and she has the audience in stitches without saying a word as she contorts her facial muscles in ridiculous and hilarious ways.

The costume changes and accessories used are put to maximum comedic effect, and Ware works hard to keep the audience from zoning out during those transitions. She also briefly tackles unrealistic expectations of female beauty in such a funny way that the lighthearted tone is never lost, but the topic is addressed; a fitting theme on International Women’s Day.

Ware is very talented and a little bit mad, which is the perfect combination for a Festival show.

You can visit Stephanie's website to learn more about her characters and performances. A trailer for How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII can be seen here.

Header Image Credit: Stuart Hendry


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