​​Masud Milas: Routes

Masud Milas gets a lot of questions about his accent and his look. Born in Hong Kong to an African Mother and British Father it was already quite a mix. But then throw moving to New Zealand into the equation and things get a little more complicated. Join Milas as he takes a look back at his roots.

​​Masud Milas: Routes

The young comedian takes the audience back to his parents meeting, through his childhood right up to the present day, and it's been quite the journey. Milas weaves hilarious stories of his strict African Mother and his mild mannered stiff-upper-lip British Father. Their unlikely pairing and their some of their more unusual parenting tactics –some of which end in Milas naming his little sister.

From being the only black child in a Chinese primary school on Lamma Island, to desperately trying to fit in at his Mothers party's, Milas lets us in on it all. His self deprecating tone lends itself to the material and produces a charming and completely accessible comedy set.

Cleverly peppering the backdrop of his stories with pop-culture and news from the times, Routes is not only a show about one man and his quest to find a place to fit in, but also one that takes a personal look at issues of race, masculinity and politics.

In more recent years Milas has made the move to the UK, and it seems to be going great. He even managed to get thrown out of the Glastonbury festival once –something he's very proud of. His cheeky and charming brand of comedy is endearing and relatable. A delightful way to spend an hour.

A talented and exciting young performer, I for one can't wait to see what he does next. Fingers crossed he one day his dreams come true and gets his own theme tune!

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Underbelly Med Quad until the 29th of August

For more info: http://bit.ly/2bECBni


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