Mixed Doubles Serve Up A Treat

A show within a show - fast-paced sketches wrapped up in village life

Human bananas, witches from the Daily Mail and even some comic insights into the divine - Mixed Doubles cover a huge expanse of comedy terrain in a short time.

Many of their sketches touch on the everyday realities of human lives, loves and dreams. But they also have the capacity to shift the audience through time, place and space.

It's really refreshing to see an act which relies on the inherent humour of situations and language to get the audience laughing rather than using the now standard, and frequently tedious, shock tactics of bad language that so many use as a crutch to prop up lame content.

The show itself is presented as being part of a revue staged to raise cash for a new pavilion in Little Comberton, and each of the four comedians take on characters from the village. This gives The Fundraiser a whole extra dimension that sets it apart from a standard sketch show.

The formula works, in part at least because there is such a strong dynamic between Megan Smith, Rose Robinson, Paul Aitchison and Will Close - whose wonderfully elastic facial expressions are a reminder of the likes of Stan Laurel.

It's certainly a four star performance - and you can see it at Just the Tonic at the Caves at 5.25pm most days - full details are on the Fringe website on the Fringe website at https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/mixed-doubles-fundraiser.


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