Blood Will Have Blood

A wholly immersive experience that enabled the audience to step straight into Shakespeare's world of tragedy and trauma.

Blood Will Have Blood

The dim intimate dungeons of Brighton's police cells provided the ideal setting for Immercity's interactive theatre piece which casts the audience in the staring roll as Fleance, the son of murdered Banquo.

As a small audience of ten were hustled into a candle-lit chamber, complete with medieval props, there was a certain amount of apprehension in the air. At first it's bewildering; the floor is strewn with twigs and we are encouraged to rummage for a pouch from a tray of dirt. Each person then receives a head set and throughout the ensuing forty minutes we hear Fleance's story of a lost young boy unfold. It is a story of murder, violence and revenge. The show's solo actress, a witch we meet on the heath, tells us of our destiny. In the war against Macbeth's brutal new Scotland, we are to become king and ensure that the line of Banquo lives on.

Jamie Burkett delivered a convincing and somewhat intimidating performance as the witch, guiding the audience through rituals and preparing us for revenge. The blood stained rags which we were instructed to wash were readily snatched away if not up to standard. Whilst being unexpectedly cast as the show's leading character was a little unnerving at first the audience were quick to get involved; each coming into their own when our stabbing motions were inspected.

Throughout, the atmosphere and sense of suspension were expertly crafted and Clancy Flynns script, read by Daniel Buckley, was evocative and mesmerising. At times the transition between tasks is a little disjointed but overall, Blood will Have Blood is an enchanting show of Shakespearean story telling.


This show has now finished at Brighton Fringe. For more information, head here.


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