Conflict and Rubella Ballet 10/11/23

Conflict are an incredible anarcho punk band formed in 1981. Rubella Ballet are a punk band formed in 1979. 

 Rubella Ballet looked amazing everything they wore was day-glow from their guitar strings to the pedal board - they had brought their own UV lights which they had positioned along the front of the stage to light up their attire. This was an incredible sight to behold. I was on the left hand side of the stage near to the guitarist. He had incredible stage presence with a wide rockstar stance in his jeans which were lit up with day-glow patches including one of Zilla Minx, even his DC shoes were day-glow with laces. He had day-glow nails and watching him playing solos was hypnotic. One song that I really liked was Emotional Blackmail because I feel like it's something many of us have been subjected to at one point or another and we shouldn't put up with it!

Conflict was amazing! I think that the bassist was really good. I wondered why I had neglected to listen to them for so long! The audience were moshing like crazy including a wonderful Tasmanian devil blatting backwards and forwards in front of the stage. They played a more dub influenced track called The Hidden Hand. During this track some of the people moshing looked at some of the older members of the crowd to learn how to move. They also played an unreleased track which is a punk/hardcore song which they've been playing for the last few shows with Fiona a girl with pink hair on lead vocals it's the first new song conflict has played live for over 20 years.

Catch them at Resolution, a 10 day festival which will be held at the iconic 100 club (100 Oxford Street). They're playing on the 7th on January.

Header Image Credit: Conflict

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