The Mission Live at The Roundhouse 28/10/23

The Mission a goth band from the 1980s with a cult following. Not to be missed for young music fans - distinct from the metal crowd - the goth movement was and still is a vitally important part of British music history. Definitely worth a listen!

The Mission Live at The Roundhouse 28/10/23

Picture a packed out roundhouse the iconic London venue originally used to turn trains around, the whole audience are in thrall singing back the lyrics, a few die-hard fans sit on the shoulders of their friends: this was the scene. My friend who accompanied me who is in a signed band was really impressed he couldn't wait to ask his friends who has heard of this band called the Mission! Every single track was brilliantly crafted and the singer like many bands from the 80s had impressive range and impeccable pitching plus he looked uber cool up there with the shades on and blond hair playing his 12 string electric guitar which made all the difference. I felt the synth really filled out the sound as well. Next to me a woman from northern England sang back the lyrics word for word, I wondered how far people had travelled to see this band - they clearly had a cult following and also some new fans, myself and Francesco included! For new initiates I'd recommend listening to 'Severina', 'Like a Child Again', 'Deliverance' and 'Butterfly on a Wheel'. It's incredible how well the material still stands up today!

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