Jess Glynn

This post is my research on Jess Glynn. She is an inspiration to me.

Jess Glynn


Jess Glynne was born in Hampstead and raised in Muswell Hill, North London, in a Jewish family. Her mother, Alexandra was in the music industry. Her family name was originally Goldstein, but her grandfather changed it to Jess Glynne.  

She applied for the television show The X Factor when she was 15 years old but dropped out of the audition process following a disagreement with the producers.   

Jess Glynne completed a month-long music course at an East London college, Access to Music London, where she met her future collaborators: songwriter Jin Jin and producer Bless Beats. She also studied in Westminster University.  


I was listening to music on YouTube and I found Jess Glynnes music. I liked her voice so I chose to listen to some of her songs.  

The first song and music video I watched was “I'll be there.” I like this song because it has a good beat and I enjoy singing along to it. I like the lyrics because they are about love and about being there for someone.  

I also like “don’t be so hard on yourself “because it has a fast beat, and it makes you want to dance.  

Take me home is one of her songs that makes me feel sad because it reminds me of people I can't see anymore. It is an emotional song. 

I learnt to sing the song “I'll be there” and performed it to the year 8 students and a teacher at my school. My arts award adviser played the piano, and another music student played the drums.  

This performance was the first time I'd sung in front of people other than my music class. I felt confident before singing but after the performance I felt shocked and the way the performance made me feel was confusing. I talked to a teacher and my arts award adviser about how I felt. I would like to do a performance of a different song next time.   

I learnt to sing some of Jess Glynnes songs by singing along to youtube. I then worked on them in music lessons in school with my music teacher and another student.  

I have watched lots of youtube videos of her music including Thursday  

I have also watched videos on youtube to find out about how she made her music videos.  

I have researched Jess Glynne on the internet and used the website  

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courtney clements

courtney clements

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