Ange Lavoipierre: Your Mother Chucks Rocks And Shells

I don’t really know what I watched, but I liked it. 

Ange Lavoipierre: Your Mother Chucks Rocks And Shells

It’s eternally 2am, and Ange is trying to sleep. With help from ‘Brain’ and ‘The Internet’, she attempts to drift off from the insufferable boredom of awakeness, mashing up The Exorcist and other equally obscure pop culture references in a fever dream of insomnia, with Fathers Karris and Merrin on the hunt for leather shorts. Sounds insane? Try watching it!

There is always a sense of futility in trying to review absurdist comedy, the typical measures of success just don’t apply! Was it coherent? By its very nature, no not really. Was it well acted? Well Ange certainly had the part of someone slipping into insanity nailed. 

The only real metric you can use to judge an absurdist comedy is: 'did people laugh'? To that, I can confidently say ‘Yes, absolutely’. Laughing at the jokes, laughing at the weirdness. Laughing without ever really knowing why – which I tend to find is the best kind of laughter. 

It’s clear that the absurdist humour has been meticulously honed, and Ange is a master of her craft, but… what is this craft?! It’s like a crazy, continual diatribe of inner monologue, unfiltered, unhinged, and unapologetic. It’s a great watch, even in the sweaty Underbelly Wee Coo. I can definitely recommend this show, but don’t ask me to tell you what it’s trying to say.

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