Siân Docksey: Pole Yourself Together

Existential millennial dread, hanging from a pole, for your entertainment

Siân Docksey: Pole Yourself Together

Bisexual, early 30s Sian has taken up pole dancing to quiet her head dread, and made a show out of it so she can business expense it. This turned out to be a good shout, as what she put together is a well executed hour of chaos that has the audience in stitches; mouths (appropriately, and with permission) agape at her skills on the pole. 

Taking absurdist comedy, political observation and sound-cue based gags, and smashing it into a pole dancing routine shouldn’t be a recipe for success, but Siân threads the needle perfectly. The whole hour is a frenetic rollercoaster of energy just barely quelled by the exhausting looking dancing. There is less pole dancing that you might expect, given the premise of the show, but it's stitched together masterfully, with a particularly hilarious routine about her funeral pole dancing set. It feels cliche and lazy to liken an ‘out there’ show to the Mighty Boosh, but there is definitely some Boosh ancestry in the show, and that’s no bad thing. Everything's fresh enough to still stand on its own two feet, rather than shamelessly aping what came before. 

Endearing and puzzling in equal measure, this is a show that has something for everyone, but if you’re a millennial then the show is going to really speak to you. All that angst we’re feeling? Totally valid. And apparently, the best way of dealing with it is baring all in a dark room to a bunch of strangers. I’ll get my bikini!

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Header Image Credit: Millie Robson


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