Masseduction's Journey through Unconventional Origins and Sonic Evolution with "BLAME"

Italian indie-rock band Masseduction is all set to make waves in the rock scene with new cathartic track titled "BLAME".

Comprising singer Giordano Giacchetti, guitarist Salvatore Dragone, bass player Lorenzo Galante, and drummer Stefano Malagnino, the band's unique journey began amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Formed in early 2021, the band members found each other through a Facebook group for local musicians, and their collective passion for music led them on an extraordinary path of discovery and artistic expression. Since then, Masseduction has evolved their sound and built a distinctive identity, taking inspiration from modern alt-rock artists like Nothing But Thieves and Royal Blood. Their latest release, "BLAME", is a powerful and emotionally charged addition to their discography.

While demoing their original songs, the band gained attention in 2022 with their rendition of Billie Eilish's "NDA", followed by a studio live session featuring a cover of Halsey's "Bells in Santa Fe.." These early releases showcased Masseduction's sound identity, which was already distinct despite being cover songs. Drawing inspiration from the modern alt-rock genre, their music caught the attention of local radio circuits, marking the beginning of their journey into the hearts of music enthusiasts.

In March 2023, Masseduction released their debut original song, "Eager Eyes", accompanied by a visually stunning 2D animation video directed by Mexican artist Nespy5Euro. The song, a sonic metaphor of a wild and exhilarating night, paints a vivid picture of a big circus with clowns, acrobats, animal tamers, and circus animals representing people acting on the bar counter or the dance floor. This artistic approach allowed Masseduction to create a powerful visual narrative, captivating audiences with both their music and storytelling abilities.

With drummer Stefano Malagnino joining the band, Masseduction embarked on a worldwide quest to create their latest single, "BLAME". Recording between Rome, London, and Los Angeles, they meticulously curated the sound they had envisioned since their debut release, "Eager Eyes", and their rendition of Billie Eilish's "NDA". This journey led them to Studio Miriam, where they utilized analog outboard and vintage gear, including original equipment from the '60s and '70s. The song was mixed by John Catlin, an engineer from the band Inhaler, and mastered by the multi-Grammy-winning Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Studio.

"BLAME" delves into the depths of human emotions, serving as a cathartic expression of anger and disappointment, emotions that everyone encounters in life. Lead singer Giordano Giacchetti shares that being disappointed by those close to us can be frustrating, and the song reflects themes of self-acceptance and letting go. The accompanying video, crafted by Chale Steeno, a talented digital creator from Alicante, blends distorted and blurred imagery, paying homage to the aesthetics of cinematic masters like Lynch, Nolan, Aronofsky, and Cronenberg.

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