Mythos: Ragnarok review

Mythos: Ragnarok merges professional wrestling with Norse mythology in a grand triumph of physical theatre 

Mythos: Ragnarok review

Mythological Theatre’s Mythos: Ragnarok takes spectators on an exhilarating odyssey through the realms of Norse mythology, masterfully intertwining the art of professional wrestling with ancient tales of gods and giants. This epic dark-comedy performance immerses audiences in a spectacle of physicality and grandeur as the performers embody the larger-than-life characters of Odin, Loki, Thor, Hel, and more.

The seamless fusion of professional wrestling with mythic storytelling is a testament to the creative vision behind Mythos: Ragnarok. The stage becomes a battleground of extraordinary proportions, with each clash, chokeslam, and suplex executed with precision and flair. There's also the right amount of trash-talking and pageantry to make the clashes feel earned. The choreography, mesmerising in its beauty and intensity, captivates the senses, while costume changes evoke profound symbolism, effectively accentuating the narrative's depth. The play of light paints a captivating ambience, effortlessly evoking the primordial Ginnungagap and foreshadowing the cataclysmic Ragnarok.f0929ca2c8cf6140285ee66fda4a65c212ef58d0.JPG

As the audience bears witness to this mythic wrestling extravaganza, an electric energy fills the space. Mythos: Ragnarok doesn't tell the audience whom to root for; instead, they are left to decide who the heroes and villains are. The audience's participation, including booing, cheering, and chanting, adds to the immersive experience. Writer and director Ed Gamester, along with Richard Summers Calvert, who bring their formidable talents to the roles of Odin and Loki, possess an innate charisma that resonates with the crowd. Their ability to maintain a magnetic connection ensures the audience remains fully engaged, heightened by their astute interjections and witty asides. 

The ensemble cast of Mythos: Ragnarok deserve unequivocal praise for their nuanced portrayals, deftly capturing the intricacies of their respective characters. From the imposing presence of Charlie Spooner and Miles Ley as Borr/Fenrir and Surtr/Jörmungandr, to Rachel Seagroatt's adept balancing of Hel's dual nature, and Justin Sysum's embodiment of Thor's glorious himbo energy, the performers breathe life into these iconic figures from Norse mythology. With each interaction, they playfully pay homage to the lesser-known tales while embracing the essence of these timeless archetypes. 

Mythos: Ragnarok is an incredible triumph, a joyous evening of revelry and spectacle. The Mythological Theatre's creation is an original masterpiece that seizes the imagination and leaves quite the impression.

I highly recommend seeing the show in its next performance if you have the chance! 

Header Image Credit: Mythological Theatre


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