Amy Webber: No Previous Experience

She has an opera degree, speaks Japanese and is looking for work. Welcome to the musical stand-up comedy CV of Amy Webber. 

Amy Webber: No Previous Experience

Amy Webber is a musician and comedian, and her show “Amy Webber: No Previous Experience” is essentially a CV in a musical stand-up comedy routine. Amy goes through her list of many talents including a degree in Opera and an ability to speak Japanese, and explores the different jobs she think she would be good at. A highlight for me was her ‘teacher’ interpretation – as a qualified teacher myself, it was particularly funny and relatable. 

The audience at this show was a mix of people, some of whom had pre-booked tickets, and some of whom were already at ‘The Caroline of Brunswick’ pub in Brighton already. This wide range of people made for a great audience where many were drunk or tipsy. So many odd things happened in the audience throughout the show and Amy fed off the craziness, incorporating it into the routine. The whole atmosphere at the show was incredible. 

I loved the entire premise of the show and the way Amy was able to use her musical abilities to create some hilarious bangers! Honestly, one of the song's has been stuck in my head overnight - thanks for that Amy…

The show does involve a lot of audience participation. Most of it is just the simple comedy patter like your age or what you do for a living, so it doesn’t feel too intimidating. However, on the night I saw the show, some audience members seemed so up for the participation and as I said above, Amy really leaned into that. There is a part of the show that involves one person going up on the stage but it doesn't feel pressured (unless the person you came with nominates you for it – in which case, hope you are ready for a wild ride). 

I have to say, this was one of the best stand-up comedy shows I have ever seen. Amy really has an amazing ability to engage an audience - whether they planned to be there or not - and everyone in the audience was laughing and bantering back with Amy. It was so lovely to be a part of it. 

After the show, I spoke to some of the audience members and they had such high praise for the show and Amy’s genuine, funny and endearing personality. The show felt polished and professional all whilst maintaining the laughs and fun nature of the show. 

If you get the opportunity to see this show, I would highly recommend it, and if you do go, really immerse yourself in the show. The show was even better because the audience really engaged with Amy! I know I will be looking out for more of Amy’s work in the future.


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