How To Kill Your Family: Witty, modern, and hilariously sarcastic

Follows fiction’s funniest serial killer as she seeks out salacious sex parties, plays with frog poison and seduces unwitting millionaires, all for one purpose. Murder.

How To Kill Your Family: Witty, modern, and hilariously sarcastic

Taking place inside the twisted and murky mind of a serial killer, Bella Mackie’s first novel forces you to view the world through a refocused lens, as everything from the mundane to the extraordinary in life is shaken up, and put into a worryingly clear perspective. Through the critical eye of a cold-blooded killer, Mackie creates characters more vividly than a movie could ever aspire to. Every subtle observation from their clothes to how they dot their ‘i’s is never without a snide, sarcasm-riddled thought which means a guaranteed giggle on pretty much every page.

Incredibly Mackie, a freelance journalist, managed to make me feel sympathy for Grace Bernard, a murder-motivated sociopath, hell-bent on retribution. This is a story of a woman striving to bloom from the thorns of a difficult childhood, but with some very unconventional methods…

Although a highly enjoyable read, it wasn’t as exhilaratingly page turning as your average crime thriller with classic steady inclines before a gripping free-fall of action and plot twists. Instead, the anachronism broke up the storyline somewhat, making it more of a casual pick-me-up-whenever kind of read. However don’t be fooled. Slight placidity is not by any means predictability; guaranteed you won’t see this ending coming until the very last page!

Witty, modern and hilariously sarcastic, How To Kill Your Family remains delightfully light-hearted throughout the course of prison, strife, and several grisly murders. Just think, an excellent crime novel devoid of the usual despondency. What more could you want?

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