Reimaging musicals.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to Reimagine a scenario ?

Well I did just that.

Today's   destination   was   Cromwell   Street   in   London.   Here   lies   a   venue   of   absolute
splendour, befitting for the late Queen Victoria and her much beloved consort Prince Albert.
They have a museum named in their honour to show position and power.   Each day the
grand doors swing open for the general public to enjoy, marvel and learn. Museums are
fascinating places because tourists fly in from all over the world to see hordes of displaced
antiquities from varying cultures and heritages. Of late I have been baffled by so many things
from astronomy to musicals to zoology, I am having immense fun trying to map out and
connect my strands of knowledge.
Re:Imagining  musicals,   a current must see  event at the Victoria and  Albert museum
detailing classical musicals that continue to capture our childhoods. An array of musicals are
featured which include, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Frozen, Starlight Express, Juliet, Cats,
Everybody's talking about Jamie, Six the musical and My Fair Lady to name a few. I was in
awe of the musicality, the costumes, puppetry and props. 
As year six students transition to secondary school they normally have an end of year
performance. In order to continue our country’s success with costume design we should
encourage  students at fashion  training  colleges  to work with inner  city schools  at this
momentous occasion and help create iconic designs that can be used as part of their
personal portfolios and the theatrical legacy of the school.  London has always lead in the
field of fashion and here we have another alternative area of development for young creative
fashion thespians. 
After being mesmerised by musicals of the past and present we were led to the Sackler
centre to continue with a design workshop inspired by the displays of musical delight which
we had just seen.  At school I had always found art very difficult however here in the Sackler
Centre I became a top knotch designer within sixty minutes. The first musical performance I
saw with Mouse Trap Theatre Projects was Stomp. Performers were able to make musical
instruments out of recyclables, household items, gardening equipment, brooms and dustbin
lids. We all create music each day, closing doors, yawning all count as music. I produced a
green   cylinder   shaped   musical   instrument,   made   from   corrugated   cardboard   and
biodegradable tape filled with brown sugar.  I am hoping to exhibit my design in a museum
near you soon !
Thank you very much for this experience.  If it was invited to an art project I probably would
not have attended, it just goes to show how important marketing is.  I was accompanied by
two sons Emmerson and Marvin.   Marvin is a GCSE drama student and Emmerson is
hoping to elope full time into the sporting world of theatre and dreams and there is no secret
in the world knowing that.

Header Image Credit: Elaine Longmore

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