Who Murdered My Cat?

Roann Hassani McCloskey presents a deep dive into her own life story through ‘Who Murdered My Cat?’

Who Murdered My Cat?

MacCloskey presents dynamic comedy by exploring her heritage as a mixed race queer women. Using recollections of her childhood, she thinks through questions she’s been asked by her current South African therapist. 

McCloskey had the whole audience in giggles with her impersonations of her Algerian mother, reflections on growing up in Wembley and her relationship with animals. She‘s incredibly funny, with a casual conversation style and dynamic full body performance. 

I loved the sections where she vividly described growing up and there were really heartfelt moments of her coming out to her uncle and aunt later in life. It was really moving to hear the growth of well-intentioned family and McCloskey’s development of confidence as a young queer person, learning to express their hurt. 

I really loved her personality, but the show needed a stronger narrative that pulled everything together, instead of slightly unrelated funny stories. The questions and themes that the show begins with, her dislike of animals and who murdered her cat, never really are resolved in the end. She admits that she’s been trying to develop this skill of being open to curiosity during therapy, but for an audience it’s difficult not to feel like something is missing from the end half of the piece. 

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