Sunil Patel: Faster Horses

Making a return to the stage after a couple of big TV appearances, Sunil Patel jokes his way through his catalogue jobs and his ideas for future ones. 

Sunil Patel: Faster Horses

You might know Sunil Patel from ‘Staph Lets Flats’ or ‘Brian and Charles’. But despite his current role as an actor, Patel is a jack of all trades it seems: from crypto bro to prankster’s assistant to comedian. Through this show, we learn about his journey post-university, when he started his own business with his friends, and tried to explain comedy to his mum. 

We also hear Patel’s slightly weird business ideas that he generated through the power of boredom during lockdown (highlights include a group night out planning app) interspersed through the set. 

Whilst I enjoyed Patel’s bubbly energy on stage and his slightly ridiculous personality, the overall show could have definitely been tighter. The potential was clear: but it seems Patel just needs some time to get rid of the stuff that doesn’t work in his set and generally adding more polish. I felt like sometimes he got distracted by a story, causing the overarching storyline about work and jobs to become lost. 

That said, Patel does have the ability to make cracking jokes that makes the whole audience burst into laughter, and the show did have its great moments and Patel is certainly one to watch. 

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