Students take over social media in attempts to claim fee refunds

A group of university students have taken matters into their own hands demanding fee refunds as Covid-19 drastically affected their university experience. 

Students take over social media in attempts to claim fee refunds

The Write Off, Right Now (WORN) group, led by three University of Bristol students, are using social media to apply pressure to the government to reclaim university fees. The movement is aimed at encouraging students to use social platforms to spread the message about the unfair decision to charge full fees for students studying remotely during lockdown. 

The government has previously said fees must be paid in full for remote study, causing deep upset as the quality of learning has faltered for students during the past year.

Student and WORN campaign leader Lianna Denwood said it was time for the government to "take ownership" of the situation and recognise students "haven't been provided with the education they were sold". 

Campaign vice president Scott Weavers said "We were promised when we signed up for university that we would receive sufficient access to facilities, course equipment and social contact to help us achieve our degrees.

"This year we have acquired anything but that standard, and yet we're still expected to pay full price," he said.

This shared view is reflected in an online petition, calling for tuition fees to be cut from £9,250 to £3,000, and has now received more than 580,000 signatures.However, it has been made clear by the government that it will take more than just signatures to change the reality of students across the country. In January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to “look at” rent costs for the term, but so far nothing has materialised. 

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  • Hector Macduff

    On 21 April 2021, 10:35 Hector Macduff Kickstart Team commented:

    When I was in my final year of university we lost 2 terms to lecturer strikes and it had a massive impact on me. To have spent this long only being able to offer online learning and no other university experience not to then not offer any form of compensation is at best insulting. Sounds like a very necessary campaign to me.

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