WriteWell launch: write yourself a brighter future

A new online writing therapy website launched on 22 February.

WriteWell launch: write yourself a brighter future

WriteWell is an online writing community that aims to promote mental wellbeing through the act of writing. "From diaries to letters, emails to shopping lists, texts to social media, we all write every day. Writing is one of the best tools for making sense of life. We are all writers."

WriteWell launched on 22 February and is for everyone aged 18 or above. The purpose of WriteWell is to encourage people to use their creativity to work towards a brighter future. They offer a series of courses that promote independent learning, live virtual events and an abundance of library resources. 

These well-designed courses are accessible for all writers, from beginners to experts, as it aims to guide you on your creative journey. In partnership with WriteWell, registered Voice users can enjoy a free 3-month trial of their own to explore all that WriteWell has to offer. The free trial includes access to both taster courses as well as all the full courses the platform offers, which is a great way to exercise your creativity. 

WriteWell is about tuning into the power of writing, and creativity has to bring perspective and fresh insight, particularly in difficult times. It's about adding new simple but effective strategies to your wellbeing and recovery toolkit."

Having taken a tour of WriteWell on the day it launched, it has created a calming online environment designed to help people's creativity flow. There are a variety of courses available, and each course is designed with the user in mind. Courses have been created to promote positive mental health and wellbeing using writing as a medium to allow for that. Before committing to one of their online courses, users are free to try a 2-hour course taster, where they can explore each course freely — giving you a real feel of what more is to come.

From creative warm-ups to writing prompts and a community forum where you can share your experiences with other users, WriteWell has done the most to create a supportive, encouraging network for those looking for an outlet in these difficult times.

As someone with a degree in Creative Writing, I can vouch that much of the teaching on WriteWell is reminiscent of a university course, as they have professionals who have designed each programme.

Those of you who aren't registered Voice users can access WriteWell for £9 a month, and that subscription allows you to access as many courses as your time will allow. Being respectful of our current social climate, key workers can sign up to WriteWell for 6 months free of charge. Unlike other trial subscriptions, WriteWell takes no card details until your trial is over, at which point they then send you a friendly email asking you whether you would like to continue or not.

Writing therapy is something that over the years has seen an increase in popularity, and has proven for many to work. And although WritWell is not therapy, it has similar benefits in using writing to improve your wellbeing using creativity.  

For more information on WriteWell, visit their website

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