Sareeta Domingo is taking on the romantic genre and reclaiming the Black narrative

An author, editor and self-confessed romantic genre lover is tackling the publishing industry by championing books that incorporate the diverse stories of love, with characters that celebrate representation. 

1960059551cf6bff3bd74a4fc2adf8821673ac89.jpgSareeta Domingo is a female Black British author who is using the romantic genre to take  back a Black narrative and create space for others within the publishing world. Through the use of diverse characters, cute plots and scattered dark twists throughout her books, she has been able to create stories that are accessible to everyone and promote the idea that romantic fiction should be accessible to all regardless of ethnicity, age or experience. After all, we all have our own personal love stories!

From Love Jones, an iconic 90s romantic film, to music, we covered various inspirations that have allowed Sareeta to create amazing books for all audiences. We also spoke about her latest anthology ‘Who’s Loving You’, released last month, and other events she's been involved in to push people of colour within the creative fields. 

Sareeta has also been involved with Brent Culture Services in their event Step into my Parlour: Black Female Authors check out Voice's coverage here.

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