What goes on at Arts Award Initiative?

Find out more about the Arts Award Initiative and how the scheme supports young people.

What goes on at Arts Award Initiative?

Could you first introduce yourself for the reader?

Hi, my name is Carol and I am the Company Director of Arts Award Initiative Limited.

What do you offer to young people?

Arts Award Initiative offers online independent opportunities for young people who want to study their favourite thing, but don’t want to be tied to a schedule or a venue. Our offer includes Arts Awards and Crest Awards.

What activities are most popular for young people and why?

We currently have 300 young people registered with us, all having fun doing what they like best in art and science. It's great to have qualifications available that offer an alternative approach to those offered in schools. 

Could you give an example of a recent project you have run, and the impact it had?

Every year we run the ‘Go for Gold’ project, inviting youngsters to take a fast track Gold Arts Award. Last year this saw several of our students get into art-based courses such as the Brit School as a result of having their Arts Award. They need a lot of support as they work so fast, but when they succeed it is tremendously rewarding for all of us.

Have you seen any change in the industry over the last few years? Is it positive or negative?

We have seen a lot more young people join us in the last few years. I think that as opportunities elsewhere dry up, people are looking for real ways to expand their talents and gifts. It's fantastic that we have the chance to support young people in this. 

We’ve responded to this change in the industry by dropping our prices and inviting everyone to take part. Arts Award Initiative does not make a profit so all our money goes into supporting our young people, which means we also offer scholarships for young people who need financial support.

Do you run Arts Award or offer a Trinity College qualification?  If so, what do you offer and how can young people get involved?

We offer all levels of Arts Award, and young people only have to email us at: [email protected] for more details!

Do you publish any online resources that young people doing Arts Award or Trinity College qualifications could use?

Yes, email us for our information pack. When you register with us, you are given access to a Google Doc-based study pack which we created, with a little help from Trinity representatives. These are to support the independent worker, so follow our lesson plans and you will pass!

Is there anything you particularly want to promote to young people at the moment?  

We have a ‘Not Back to School’ sale throughout September for home-educated students. We try to offer our young people a good bargain too, with quick support systems and advice. 

Find out more at the Arts Award Initiative website: www.artsawardinitiative.co.uk 

Header Image Credit: Arts Award Initiative


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