What goes on at...The Core at Corby Cube

The Core at Corby Cube are a Northamptonshire-based theatre space, who run a wide variety of community and youth-led projects. They are also an Arts Award Good Practice Centre for 2015-16.

What goes on at...The Core at Corby Cube

What happens at The Core at Corby Cube?

We have a wide variety of activities happening here at The Core at Corby Cube. We have a 445 seater theatre space whose programme goes from music to performance to film. This means that we have a great footfall on almost a daily basis. Alongside our programme we have a variety of ways the community and especially young people can engage and participate with us across a range of art forms.

What is your offering for young people?

Young people of all ages can connect with us. The most popular way is through our Core Get Involved programme. This covers our weekly sessions where young people can explore and develop in particular art forms, and includes our weekly sessions for 12-18 year olds that are focused on Digital, Performance and Dance, and our First Moves sessions which are for under fives and are focused on movement development. There is much more to this programme, but in a nutshell young people can connect to us to learn more about themselves as artists. We are constantly reviewing this work so that the young people of Corby are getting what they need from us as a venue.

You've previously mentioned that 'children, young people and families are at the heart of our creative vision'. Do you think enough theatre spaces are geared towards this?

I think this is a strong area for most venues and organisations within the arts and cultural sector. It has to be because art and culture is all about responses and relationships with the community. Here at The Core we are in quite a unique position as our theatre and our work takes place in a shared building with the local council, this means that the relationship we have with the community is different and we can work with them in different ways. Not only this but Corby is one of the fastest growing areas in England. This means that the work we are doing is, and should be of, vital importance for this growth and enabling the community to feel part of this growth too.

How do you work with local artists, what can audiences expect from your monthly showcases?

Our work with local artists differs across our season programme. We have a strong relationship with local artists who we work with to deliver a variety of strands of our programme. We also have our LaunchPad opportunities where local artists or groups of artists can access our space and work with our team to showcase their work, whether this be final pieces, works in progress or extracts of work. This is a great way for artists to connect with the local community but also with each other. Our previous LaunchPad showcase event took place in January and saw a variety of artists from different art forms to create a showcase that Corby can be proud of.

You are an Arts Award Good Practice Centre this year, how do you use Arts Award within your theatre?

At the moment Arts Award runs across our Get Involved programme. Young People who are accessing our Core Actors, Core Digital and Core Dancer programmes can choose to get a qualification by attending Arts Award drop-ins which are run by a facilitator who has knowledge of the work being delivered in their main sessions. A key example of using Arts Award to reach young people who may not have used the theatre before was the Priority project in 2015. This engaged children from different communities within Corby, such as Polish and Western Europe, and used their Arts Awards to go towards creating a performance that was showcased at our end of term Youth Arts Slam.

And finally, what can we expect from you over the coming months?

The next few months are going to be really exciting for us. I am relatively new in this post and we also have a director who started with us in June 2015. This has meant that there has been an injection of new and exciting ideas and areas of development. Our work with young people and the community is definitely a driving force of these conversations. Arts Award is an area in which we are looking to grow, as well as our work experience, education partnerships. Also training up new Arts Award Advisors. 2016 is going to be a great year for The Core at Corby Cube so make sure you stay connected with our work.



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