Bronze FAQs

How long does a Bronze take?
It all depends on your project. There are some great projects that run Bronze Arts Award intensively as part of a week project in school holidays for example. Or you might work on it across a term at school. The guidance is that it will take about 60 hours to complete - this will be a mix of you working with your adviser and other arts professionals and may include some time working on your own.

What's Bronze award worth?
It's the equivalent of a Grade D-G at GCSE. It's a level 1 qualification, on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and a great place to develop your interest.

Do I need an adviser?
Yes, you do. They not only help support you through your journey but they also assess your award at the end. Their assessment is the next step to getting your qualification.

How many units are there?
Just one. There are four parts - Take Part, Be the Audience, Arts Inspiration, Arts Skillshare and you can find out about them here

What do I need to do?
It all depends on the art form and setting you want to work in. But see our help on each part for more details about what you need to do and some examples. (Click the links on the parts above)

How old do I need to be?
You must be aged between 11 and 25 to complete (moderate) your Bronze Arts Award. Sometimes there can be exceptions like if you're 10 years old but working as part of a group who are mostly 11+. Your adviser will need to check with Arts Award if you fall outside of these age ranges. 

How do I create my portfolio?
That's up to you! There are many resources centres use and you might have a set of templates or a workbook specially created for your project. In general, you can create your portfolio in almost any way that can be easily shared and assessed. For example, you might use an art sketchbook, you might create a blog or you might record everything to video. 

What happens when I've finished every step of the Bronze Arts Award?
Once you have completed all four parts of Bronze Arts Award and collected evidence together in your portfolio or arts log, your adviser will carry out an assessment. This means that he or she will look through your work and double-check that there is evidence for each part of the award. 

Your adviser will also find examples of your art form knowledge and understanding, your creativity, and your communication skills. You can help by making sure you have everything ready, and labelled or indexed - it’s easier if you do this as you go along rather than right at the end! 

What happens when my work is passed to a moderator? 
After your adviser has completed an assessment report form and you have signed it, an Arts Award moderator will check your adviser's assessment. The moderator may look at your work in detail, and invite you to talk to them about what you've done, to help them understand your achievements. 

After the moderation visit, certificates are sent to your centre for everyone who has passed their Bronze Arts Award.

Do you have a question? Please email us on [email protected] so we can help you and we'll try to put the answer here too - so you could be helping others. Always remember that your adviser is there to guide you too.