How to Review

Here at Voice, we're passionate about supporting young people's views. We want to offer a wide range of perspectives plus some lively discussion through writing, videos, photos, podcasts, and we’re the home for your reviews. 

You can write a review of any arts activity: film releases, books, art exhibitions, video games, music videos, song lyrics, poetry, spoken word performances, name it! 

Reviews should be around 200-500 words, or if you prefer to vlog about your experience you should aim for a video of approximately 1-3 minutes. If you're keen to develop your reviewing and reporting, apply to join our network of Voice Contributors or join one of our Local Reviewer projects and you'll get our support - plus press tickets!

Reviewing guide

We've compiled a super short and simple reviewing guide that you can follow to get started. It explains how to use summaries, the key points to include in a review, and top tips for ensuring that your review is helpful to your readers and the artists you're reviewing.
Download review guide

I want more!

Ok, so the quick start guide isn't enough to sate your desire to critique – that's great! We also have review guides for a number of different genres which you might find helpful. Check out these guides from those in the know and get going with your reviews: 

It's still not enough!

Excellent! You're going to be an amazing poster on Voice, I can feel it.
How about this video from popular vlogger RantsNBants explaining how to form and express an opinion: