10 tips for getting going with Arts Award

It's Start Your Arts Award Day! Here are our top tips for getting going with Arts Award...

10 tips for getting going with Arts Award

1. Love your art

Choose an arts activity you really enjoy and you'll love doing your award too. Arts Award lets you decide what you do, so now's the time to get into some crazy art form no-one's heard of but you think is great. Maybe it's time to give yarn-bombing a go?


Keep It Simple Stupid! Challenge yourself to do one creative thing - don't make life too complicated. Check out Voice's How to guides for straight-talking help.

3. Artists are wonderful

Find them, talk to them, work with them - get inspired across the arts. Great place to start is reading Voice interviews …and you'll find some artists already love Arts Award, check poet Holly McNIsh

4. Remember the backstage boys (and girls)

Check out the guys behind the art – techies, curators, website designers, marketeers…interesting work. Kolby thought so too – read his Gold opinion piece

5. Is this my future?

Look out for an arts job that might suit you and find out how to get into it. Check out arts jobs in our Want my job? series or take a wander through the Creative Choices website which is dedicated to arts careers and how to get in the door.

6. My beautiful portfolio

This is where you show off your wonderful work so get it going it from the off. Document everything as you go – or you'll miss out best bits! Your portfolio may come in handy for college or job interviews, so make sure you're proud! Take a look at Tom's Gold portfolio or Dan's Gold Blog or Corina's Bronze work experience blog

7. AAA stands for Arts Award Adviser

Your help-at-hand, mentor and fixer. Artist, teacher or youth worker. Use them – they want to help you make your Arts Award fly, and they'll have great experience to share. Here's Hannah talking about how she moved from doing Arts Award to being an adviser

8. Is that my reflection?

Tip: Make a plan, keep a diary, review on video, think. It's what Arts Award's about (as well as art). Enjoy watching Dom working out his strengths and weaknesses!

9. The AA Team

Friends, fellow artists, supporters, the cat – get them in your creative team to make things happen. Actually the Arts Award Youth Network is a great team – watch them running Discover Club for kids at festivals

10. It's your Voice

Post your arts reviews and blogs on Arts Award Voice. Get an audience. Put the links in your portfolio. Done. Join the Voice community here

PS Love Arts Award? Tell your friends, follow us, retweet us, post your work on Voice's FB. @Arts Award Voice, #artsaward. Welcome to the family!


Diana Walton

Diana Walton Voice Team

I'm the director of Upstart Projects which supports the Voice Team and other young creatives to run great projects. Proud to have been involved with Arts Award since it was a twinkle in the eye, and to watch it build many young people's brilliant artistic and leadership skills. And now we can shout about these on Arts Award Voice!

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